Pricing Banking Services

October 2014 Pricing

The banking services sector is one of the most profitable sectors out there. It is not uncommon to earn an ROE of anywhere between 40%-60%. And as we all know, a 1% increase in price can lead to an 8% increase in profits.

So how do we ensure we get the most profits out of banking services? Are there any secrets? I spent 28 years of my life in the banking services sector and here is what I learnt.


“Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.” -Warren Buffett

  1. The research shows that the best pricing decisions usually engage sales, marketing, and finance.
  2. Are your different functions talking to each other?
  3. If not, then they’re just talking to themselves.
  4. Each of your teams—sales, marketing, operations, finance — can give you an expert view of a piece of the picture, but someone in the firm must take these pieces and construct the whole picture.
  5. Correct pricing is a huge key to profitability. It requires expertise—often from outside experts — and a commitment to developing your internal talent.
  6. It’s common for firms to ask “Where is the market going?”, but you also need to ask “Where are we going?”