“I don’t subscribe to the notion that companies exist to create value strictly for their shareholders. I think they are there to create value for their customers, and that gets to the mission of the company. And ultimately, doing that, they create value for society.

If they forget about that, they have no legitimacy, they have no right to exist, no matter how much short-term shareholder value they create. And the shareholder value is misunderstood. It comes as a result of great value for your customers that leads to growth, and that comes from engaged employees that are innovative and provide superior customer service.”

Bill George, Harvard Business School professor and former Medtronic CEO, December 2013.

  1. Stop waiting for markets to improve or governments to take action. Beowulf executives make the world better by taking positive actions now on something people care about now.
  2. If you aren’t solving needs, customers and employers won’t need you. Beowulf executives solve challenges.
  3. If customers don’t perceive and acknowledge the value, the value doesn’t exist. Beowulf executives generate value.
  4. A Beowulf’s job is to detect what customers need and then identify a profitable route to serve those needs.
  5. If you want to do something good for society, get a job. Beowulf executives serve the public good by creating value for their customers.
  6. And, if you can’t find a job, make your own and become a Beowulf.