Welcome to 2014. May you have a punk year: Hope => Vision => Action => Perseverance => Luck

  1. Hope is a choice. It is better than its alternative choice: despair. Don’t let outside forces nor people, who may be indifferent to your existence or worse, seek your demise, make that choice for you. Defy the world. Choose hope. It is the origin of better future in which you can thrive.
  2. Vision is hard to create. It requires mental acumen to be combined with experiences and broad observation to create a unique concept of a better tomorrow for you and the people you touch. Others may deny your vision. Defy them.
  3. Action is required for all progress. First rule of sales: You can’t win if you don’t show up. Show up, even if you’re not wanted.
  4. Perseverance in the face of failure is a normal part of life. Only the lucky win the first time (Kmart), but the strong win over time (Wal-mart). Engage your failures, learn from them, but don’t fear them or wallow in them.
  5. Even with hope, vision, action, and perseverance, you will need some luck. “Strategic patience” is that waiting period for luck to arrive.
  6. It is your life path, not someone else’s. Be a punk and thrive. Live 2014 with Hope, Vision, Action, Perseverance, and Luck. Who knows what you will do in 2014? (Read Ecc 10:14 for one answer).