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Equifinality and Organizational Design for Improving Pricing Decisions

December 2013 Pricing

What decisions should the pricing function be making? Where should a corporation position the pricing function? How should the pricing function be structured? We have been asking this question for past two decades but still don’t have a definitive answer nor a standard template. Why? What is so odd about pricing decisions that makes organizational design choices regarding the pricing function difficult?


Product/Service Rationalization in Large Enterprises

December 2013 Product

In “Marketing Malpractice”, Clayton Christensen noted that 90% of consumer products launched annually fail. While several factors can be attributed to the failures, the fundamental reason continues to be the inability to satisfy consumers’ needs profitably. In this article, we provide a comprehensive approach that would enable organizations to sustain profitable products and retire the unprofitable ones.


Pricing for Consumption Economics

November 2013 Pricing 1 Comment

SaaS, DaaS, IaaS, and other “X-as-a-Service” business models are proven market disruptors in information technology industries. Executives at enterprise IT solution providers are creating, adapting, or adjusting to competitors’ XaaS business models. But successfully implementing an XaaS business model requires a new approach to both pricing and revenue capture for IT services. What is that new approach?


The Art of Price Discrimination – can Ayn Rand teach us a lesson in pricing?

November 2013 Pricing 4 Comments

In traditional sense “discrimination” is a word with a negative connotation.  However, in the pricing context, by discrimination I mean that I will make some customers pay more and some customers pay less for the same product.  However that is pure discrimination and by no means an art.  Discrimination becomes an art only when all the subjects concerned accept the price they pay without a grudge.