AT&T and Verizon Mobile Data: A Product Category Maturing

December 2010 Pricing, Product

In the past six months, both AT&T (NYSE:T) and Verizon (NYSE:VZ) have altered their mobile data service price structures.  First, they added a metered fee based on the megabytes of traffic.  Now, Verizon is considering a price structure based on the speed of traffic provided.  With all these new forms of charges, some have feared customer backlash:  defection, brand betrayal, and a public relations nightmare.  Yet they needn’t worry much. Both these titans are in well traversed territory.


St. Nicholas Day is coming …. anděl nebo čert?

  1. Google came from nowhere to being a global standard in just 10 years.
  2. Disruption happens.
  3. AT&T went from a top 10 brand to obscurity in just 10 years.
  4. No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition.
  5. As a market grows, so too will the variety of products and price points.
  6. Grow not only in size, but also in dimensions.