Creating a pricing function to adopt value based pricing and stop margin leakage

By: Special Guest Author Patrick J. Taylor
September 2010 Corporate

Imagine, your executive just read an article that said she can expect at least a 1% improvement in her bottom line profit if she introduces a pricing initiative. Now, she wants to know what steps you will follow to create a new pricing function with the goals of implementing value based pricing and stopping margin leakage. What resources do you need to be successful and where do you focus first?


The Revolution in Knowledge Delivery Systems

September 2010 Product 1 Comment

Are you ready for the new paradigms? Do you have a Kindle or iPad for reading books? Do you read your daily newspaper on-line? What kind of home entertainment system do you have connected to your High Definition TV that will allow you to see movies, previously available only at the video store or from a vending machine? What must a successful company do to survive and thrive in this environment?.


P&G Shifts Pricing Strategy to Meet Post-Recession Market

September 2010 Pricing 1 Comment

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Proctor & Gamble Co.’s new CEO, Robert McDonald, is “slashing prices” and warns of an impending price war in the branded consumer packaged good (CPG) industry.  Yet, Mr. McDonald states, “In my mind there’s not a price war going on.”  Is the Wall Street Journal guilty of hyperbole or is Mr. McDonald blithe to the profit destruction of price cuts?


Where is the creative destruction when you need it?

  1. Acknowledge the faults.
  2. Identify the goal.
  3. Define the path.
  4. Create buy-in.
  5. Execute.
  6. Job growth in America is driven by entrepreneurs, not large corporations. Stop waiting for you old job back. Go create your job instead.