Dog Groomer Finds PWYW Promotion a Win-Win

February 2010 Pricing

Since August 2009, Urban Canine, located in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, has been letting dog owners use washing facilities, shampoo, ear-cleaning liquid, towels, and even blow driers for self-wash dog grooming at a price of the customer’s choosing. How has this Pay What You Want (PWYW) promotion faired for Urban Canine? I caught up with Tony Sauer, owner of Urban Canine, to understand how the program’s performance.


“Here lies a humanist.” Abdurrahman Wahid, First Democratically Elected President of Indonesia, 1940-2009

  1. Utility defines value. Does your new idea meet this test?
  2. PWYW continues to find new uses in the market for firms with strong and personal customer relationships.
  3. If the company doesn’t work, then the customers don’t get served.
  4. Trademark challenges create management headaches. Make sure you know what your entering into before you reach an abyss.
  5. PWYW can attract new customers and increase customer loyalty due to its ability to encourage customers to “buy-in’ to the company’s need to succeed.
  6. If the customers don’t get served, then the company doesn’t work.