September 2009 Communication

The Social Media tsunami has spawned a veritable army of evangelists, strategists, consultants, and would-be entrepreneurs in the fight for the Internet marketing dollar. They are marching to a subtle yet driving hymn of information overload, promising ROI, search engine domination and profitability at every turn. In the distance, tweeting, once faint, can be heard. The most ambitious of these soldiers, with laptops ablaze, have set their sights on the C-suite.


All boats rise in during high-tides, but you get to see who was naked when the water recedes.

  1. Don’t judge the words, judge the actions.
  2. Nobody really knows what direction Obama will take in U.S. trade policy. It is still “wait and see” as the president tackles other issues.
  3. No one product nor price is optimal for all customers. Customers are diverse.
  4. In essence, to sell the C.E.O. is to sell the delegation.
  5. Businesses are not a democracy, but they sure better listen to the grumblings of the market.
  6. The average opinion is sometimes less valuable than the expert’s.