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The New Emerging Media Skill Set of the Generation X Chief Marketing Officer

By: David Dalka
December 2009 Marketing 3 Comments

Over the past decade the job description of the Chief Marketing Officer has remained relatively unchanged. Yet the world has changed greatly. Retained executive search firms, other c-level leaders such as the CEO, CFO, COO, the Head of HR, traditional strategy consultants and boards of directors largely have not changed that because they have not had detailed training into the transformational nature of search marketing and web analytics.


When Will Demand Return?
Strategic Preparation for 2010

December 2009 Pricing

If the Great Recession is over, when will demand return? Is it time to start hiring and re-investing in the business? Should an executive cut further given the low level of demand? Or, even worse, is it time to close shop and look for greener pastures? In this article, we look at the changes in demand driven by the recession, and its implications for corporate strategy during the “new normal” recovery.


Price War Breaks Out in Online Books: How to End It

November 2009 Pricing

In late October, Wal-Mart kicked off the most devastating book price war in a decade by selling its 10 most anticipated hardbacks for $10 a piece when pre-ordered online. Hours later, Amazon picked up the gauntlet and declared a defensive stance with matching prices. Wal-Mart lunged back on the offensive with a price cut to $9. Within a day, Amazon responded with a Prise de Fer by also moving to $9. The war is on. Read how it must end.