2008 Articles by Date

Learning from Berkshire Hathaway Part 2

By: Lowell C. Wallace
December 2008 Corporate 2 Comments

The Marketer’s Eye™ looks at mortgages, railroads and Carnival Another in a series of white papers for M&A Professionals In this white paper we take a look at how several recent investments by Berkshire Hathaway and some decisions not to invest are the result of the skillful employment of the Marketer’s Eye in areas where […]


From Homes to Appliances and Autos: Hovnanian, Corning, GM, Ford, and Chrysler Each Must Manage Lower Demand

December 2008 Corporate, Pricing

It is no secret that our global economy is in a downward funk.  When will we get our groove back? A debate I will leave to the politicians.  But for now, durable goods companies such as Hovnanian and other housing suppliers, Corning and other home appliance suppliers, or GM, Ford, and Chrysler and other auto […]


Matsushita Out, Panasonic Welcomes a New Brand Era

By: Special Guest Authors James R. Gregory and Timothy Robinson of CoreBrand
November 2008 Communication

Panasonic began its long history in 1918 as “Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.,” and has grown to become the largest Japanese electronics producer – that is really saying something! On October 1, 2008 the lead product brand, Panasonic, was united with Matsushita and National to become a singular corporate brand, Panasonic Corporation. Named after its […]


Chicken Feed, Nothing To Laugh At: Manage the Customer Value Proposition to Stave Off Hemorrhaging

November 2008 Pricing

While Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim, Pilgrim’s Pride Chairman, has sailed his ship into near abyss, A.G. Lafley, CEO of P&G, is guiding his to safer waters. In 2006, Pilgrim’s Pride was rising high having completed the acquisition of Gold Kist for $1.1 billion, turning Lonnie “Bo” Pilgrim into the world’s largest chicken mogul.  Two years later, […]


Referrals: Getting the Most From the ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’ of Sales

By: Special guest author Jim Cross, author of Bacon & Eggs
October 2008 Selling

Everyone talks about referrals, but few actually pursue them. Referrals should be considered the reward for a job well done. They are the by-product of your excellent customer service. As a true sales professional, you have earned the right to ask for and receive referrals. If you are not asking for referrals, you are only […]