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To brand…or NOT to brand B2B Products

December 2007 Communication

The conventional wisdom concerning the positives of branding business-to-business products is most compelling, as articulated by Hard University Prof. John Quelch. Quelch points out, in B2B Branding: Does it Work in the November 28, 2007, issue of Working Knowledge, the Harvard Business School’s on-line weekly newsletter, that among Interbrand’s 10 most valuable brands include Microsoft, […]


The Container Function of Sales

December 2007 Selling

A wise salesperson once mentioned to me that sales is a container function.  It contains the relationship between the customer, partners, and the company in order to facilitate a decision that results in a transaction.  Though far from perfect, sales as a container isn’t a bad analogy.  It also bespeaks of the precarious nature of […]


Telecomeuppance: Telecoms Impending Brand Turmoil

By: Special Guest Author Michael Megalli, Group 1066
November 2007 Communication

Try this thought experiment. You are the CMO for a top telco. Your company’s portfolio includes the expected assortment of wireless and wireline data and voice services sold to both businesses and consumers. Despite a brand-building budget of a couple of billion dollars per year, brand favorability is declining. Your CEO is becoming very concerned […]


Insight from a Marketing Master

November 2007 Marketing

John Quelch was one of ten marketing experts profiled in the 2007 book, Conversations with Marketing Masters, authored by Laura Mazur and Louella Miles. A professor at Harvard Business School since 1979, he is known worldwide for his research on global marketing, global branding and marketing communications. Prof. Quelch is a non-executive director of WPP […]


Add-ons or Version

November 2007 Pricing

When should a C-level executive pursue an add-on vs. a versioning strategy?  What makes one more attractive than the other?  Should every product line include good-better-best versions?  Is add-on pricing a historical legacy or a best-practice approach to managing pricing and product strategy?  Should every executive think in terms of versioning?  Can add-on and versioning […]


Extending the Power of the Price Waterfall to Customer Value

By: Special Guest Author Reuben Swartz of Mimiran
October 2007 Pricing 1 Comment

Price waterfalls, by definition, deal with price.  While price and value should be intimately related, we know this is not always true.  By explicitly bringing value into the price waterfall, we can not only set prices and discounts more effectively, we can improve price communication and perception.  We do this with a construct we call […]