2006 Articles by Date

Leading Today’s Sales Organization

By: Jerome A. Colletti and Mary S. Fiss of Colletti-Fiss, LLC
December 2006 Selling

Constant change in today’s business environment has made running the sales organization more demanding than it has ever been. The CSO (Chief Sales Officer) is regularly challenged by new demands and priorities from the CEO, customers and peers. To stay out in front of these demands, we find that successful CSOs are continuously thinking about […]


GM May Be Learning Price Discipline
Growing Margins While Lowering Prices by Tilting the Price Waterfall Vector

December 2006 Pricing

When a marketer wants to signify that they are selling a high quality item, they can raise the price. This tactic of raising prices to signal higher quality leverages the learned consumer behavior of “you get what you pay for”. Likewise, when a marketer wants to encourage purchases, they can provide buyer discounts. This second […]


iPod v. Walkman
Winning Price to Quality Competition Using Customer Perceptions and Market Segmentation

November 2006 Pricing

The old adage of “you get what you pay for” has long driven both customer behavior and pricing strategy. Some people are willing to pay higher prices for higher quality items, while others seek lower prices and for them, lower quality items will suffice. Furthermore, given two items of equal price but varying quality, rational […]


Resonate or Be Irrelevant

October 2006 Selling

Effective sales and marketing messages resonate with customers like tuning forks resonate with guitar strings. Each excites the intended party while leaving the rest of the world untouched, and accelerates the process towards mutual satisfaction. Tune in to Resonate Tuning forks are engineered to emit a specific note. If you strike the tuning fork and […]


Business Blogging is Coming – Are You Ready?
Deeper Into R. Soble’s and S. Irael’s Naked Conversations

By: David Dalka
September 2006 Communication

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel have written a unique, research driven work of art. Naked Conversations contains excerpts of hundreds of interviews about both the best practices and mistakes of corporate blogs. It is a refined read that comes from multiple and diverse perspectives and tells interesting stories of both success and failure. Important interrelated […]


Integrated Marketing Environment Putting New Pressure on Sales Management

September 2006 Marketing

When the integrated marketing communications movement took hold about a decade ago the main benefit appeared to be the opportunity to put traditional rivals, advertising and sales promotion, on the same page. But, changes in the marketing environment has put new pressure on the need to better integrate selling and sales management into the integrated […]