Sell with the Right Staff – Reflexis

By: Quick Take on What Drives Success
July 2004 Selling

Founded in 1998, Reflexis has grown to 50 employees by helping retailers dynamically manage their workforce and work requirements. For instance, retailers host many promotions during the year but executives at the corporate office planning the promotion have little knowledge of their implementation. The Reflexis solution enables managers to schedule work and store layouts for a promotion, then track the completion of the necessary work.

Gene Studt, Director of Business Development, described the sales orientation of Reflexis as their key to success. 60% of their new prospects are found by salespeople directly while 40% are found by the marketing department. Once the prospect is identified, the sales executive manages the sale and ongoing account relations. To support the sales process, a technical salesperson demonstrates the product. Mr. Studt suggested that technical salespeople should perform product demonstrations due to credibility issues.