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How Can the Music Industry Bridge the Gap Between Physical and Digital Experiences?

August 2016 Marketing, Product

We’re visual creatures, too. Whereas programs like iTunes and Spotify will display album art, it’s not the same experience as standing before a rack of albums. Similarly with books, despite all of the advantages of e-readers, they have not captured the experience of examining a wall of books. Digital is great, but, unsurprisingly, there are features of the physical world that still have a certain primacy for, well, physical beings:


Creative Destruction Strikes Again

May 2016 Marketing, Selling

To embrace creative destruction is a choice. We can either lament that we fell on the destruction side of market forces, or we can throw ourselves into the creative side of market forces. When market forces destroy your industry, embrace it as the opportunity to create a new path — don’t wait for some third party to have pity on you and fix it for you. Fix it yourself.


Free Trade, Protectionism and Marketing

May 2016 Marketing, Partnership

Keeping less-productive Americans in their factory jobs means the U.S. government has to impose tariffs or quotas on the more efficiently produced foreign products. This will force the prices of those off shore goods to go up in order to match what it costs to produce them less efficiently in America. So the consumer has to pay, out of his/her own pocket, what it cost to keep a less productive American worker employed.


Trends in Automobiles and Auto Show Practices Seen at the Chicago Auto Show

March 2016 Marketing

I have noticed one car company breaking the rules of engagement at the Chicago Auto Show the past two years. Kia Motors America, Inc. has public relations people on hand like every car company at the show. They also had product mangement exectutives like Vice President, Product Planning Orth Hedrick and Manager, Long Range Strategy Steve Kosowski onsite. They stayed onsite for both press days - interacting with people and taking product feedback.


Consider Business Growth by Focusing on Increasing Market Penetration

February 2016 Marketing, Selling 1 Comment

Increasing your market penetration is extremely helpful, and once you have a larger fan base, you’ll have more people to promote to for your next products and services. This is why a market penetration strategy can be a great option when you’re starting out a business and attempting to increase your fan base. These methods should help you to reach a wider audience around the world to promote your business.