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Pricing and SPIN Selling: Part 3 of our multi-part Series on Selling and Price Management

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Where do the leading approaches to pricing and sales meet?  How can one support the other?  What should pricing professionals know about selling?  What should sales professionals know about pricing?

In this Wiglaf Pricing Webinar, Tim will examine the relationship between selling and pricing in the context of SPIN Selling, a leading sales methodology developed by Professor of Professional Selling, Neil Rackham.

Attendees will learn

  • The core elements of SPIN Selling?
  • The relationship between SPIN Selling and Value Based Pricing
  • How Pricing Professionals can support Sales Professionals in capturing customers and margins
  • Singapore Time (Asia) @ 12:00 (12 PM)
    Prague Time (EU) @ 15:00 (3 PM),
    11:00 Chicago Time @ 11:00 (11 AM)
  • Thursday, 23 January
  • Wiglaf Pricing Webinar


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