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Pricing and New Strategic Accounts: Part 1 of our multi-part Series on Selling and Price Management

November 2013 Events

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Not all buyers are the same – this much we all know.  Yet if we examine how buying decisions are made, we may be able to make some generalizations.  And, if we consider pricing questions in light of the buying decision process, we might be able to get a little closer to making optimal pricing decisions, a decision which address the three questions I have raised for every pricing decision:  (1) What is the customer’s alternative?  (2) Is my offer better or worse?  (3) Does the customer care?

In this Wiglaf Pricing Webinar, Tim will examine pricing questions in light of the sales process for new strategic accounts. The goal of this session is to enable pricing professionals to understand sales a little better, and sales professionals to understand pricing a little better.

Attendees will learn

  • The composition of every good Buying Committee
  • How deal-specific pricing should be influenced by the Buying Committee
  • Why Sales should be able to give greater discounts to some new accounts, and smaller discounts to others, even if the purchase volume is the same
  • Wiglaf Pricing Webinar

  • Thursday, 21 November
  • Singapore Time (Asia) @ 12:00 (12 PM)
    Prague Time (EU) @ 15:00 (3 PM),
    11:00 Chicago Time @ 11:00 (11 AM)

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