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How to Price Part 2 of 4: Elasticity and Profit Sensitivity

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Once a product is in the market, the very next challenge a company faces is its discounting policies. While discounts can lift volumes and improve profits, they can also grant unnecessary price concessions that destroy profits. Clearly, managing price variances right is critical issue, yet how does a company “optimize prices”?

In How to Price Part 2 of 4:  Elasticity and Profit Sensitivity, Tim will provide an understandable overview of a leading approach method to managing price variances, which leads directly into economic price optimization and demand elasticity measurements.

Speaker: Tim J. Smith, PhD, Managing Principal, Wiglaf Pricing

  • Thursday, 24 January
  • Wiglaf Pricing Webinar Series
  • 12:00 Singapore Time (APAC), 15:00 Prague Time (EMEA), or 11:00 Chicago Time (AMER)

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