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Preparing to Outsource

By: Wallace Czeropski
August 2003 Corporate

The decision to Outsource IT often begins in the area of corporate finance with a yearning to “save money”. It may be perceived that Computer Operations and hardware are costing the company too much in return for what’s received by top management. Add to this concept that the software business applications database and help desk […]


Itron Raises Stakes in Acquisition Spree

July 2003 Corporate, Energy & Utilities

Business research indicates that most acquisitions fail to create value, but a rare few firms are capable of acquiring new businesses and increasing shareholder value. Itron’s most recent acquisition of SEM for $255 M, their largest acquisition to date, meets three critical criteria necessary for success, but fails one. For investors, employees, and customer, the […]


Performance Based Contracting: Performance Pitfalls and Structural Solutions in Outsourcing

By: Justin L. Townsley, Jr.
July 2003 Corporate

In the last article, we described how outsourcing has spawned an industry aimed at making it more complicated, time/resource intensive, and disposed to failure than necessary. We also observed that the practices leading to these difficulties were contrary to principles in contemporary quality management theory. In this article, we’ll review in more detail the issues […]


WEB SITE DESIGNING: Is Anyone Watching?

By: Henry N. Meier, Jr., Esq.
June 2003 Communication, Corporate

Introduction The Internet has become the medium to get one’s message out to the world. Many companies are successful in utilizing Web sites for business. To make an attractive Web site requires coordinated efforts from the company and a skilled Web site designer, among many others. The well designed Web site can attract an abundance […]


Itron’s Acquisition Spree… Will It Succeed?

June 2003 Corporate, Energy & Utilities

Itron has been on an acquisition spree but business research indicates that most mergers don’t add value. Why should Itron succeed where many have failed? In October of 1998, the Wall Street Journal B8 published research findings that strongly indicate most mergers and acquisitions fail to increase shareholder value. According to AT Kearney who examined […]


Outsourcing: It Doesn’t Have to Hurt!

By: Justin Townsley
May 2003 Corporate

“Traditionally, the large, multinational corporation was held together by ownership. Today, it is held together by a strategic purpose. Ownership of the total means of production is becoming an impediment, a commitment that many organizations—from corporations to healthcare providers to universities—are moving away from. In its place is a focus on organization purpose and the […]


Drivers to Entrepreneurship

May 2003 Corporate

People like crystal balls that predict the future. They publicly lament and place blame on potential causes when the crystal balls offer fictitious predictions of negative outcomes. The crystal balls, accusations, and lamentations flourish in conversations about creating environments that foster new ventures. False thought-leaders blame the lack of entrepreneurial activity on the dearth of […]


Managing By Metrics

By: Michael Bolden
April 2003 Corporate 3 Comments

Introduction This article illustrates how metrics can be used proactively to manage all levels of a given company or organization. Metrics offer a perspective from an executive level of how a business is performing by gathering these measurements. This is similar to judging a baseball player’s performance by batting average, home runs, and runs batted […]