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Today’s Drivers to Entrepreneurship

May 2004 Corporate

Entrepreneurship is an economic activity. The levels of entrepreneurship are correlated with economic factors. A growing economy, as measured by GDP growth, is correlated with increased entrepreneurial activity. Likewise, rising unemployment drives increases in entrepreneurship out of necessity. Firms established out of opportunity versus necessity are equally likely to succeed, but take on very different […]


Understanding the Fundamentals of Managed Availability

By: Business Continuity Solution Series™
March 2004 Corporate

The amount of data at our disposal can only be described as fantastic, increasing dramatically every day, as does the degree to which we depend on it. But data without applications and systems are but 1s and 0s on magnetic media. Integrate the pieces and you have information. Information is an asset. It is powerful, […]


The Licensing Model

By: Objectives and Benefits

Adrian Horne
March 2004 Corporate, Partnership

In an earlier edition of The Wiglaf Journal Bob Brill and Carmen Patti, of Patti and Brill LLC, discussed the key role of the patent attorney in defining effective patent claims and prosecuting the patent application for a new and innovative development. They also introduced the concept of commercializing patented inventions by licensing. In this […]


Four Quotes on the Thin Line of Progress

October 2003 Corporate

Challenging conflicts exist between the desire to institutionalize past accomplishments and the need to create of new ones. While it remains appealing to establish administrations, solidify relationships, and smooth the pathway for reproducing that which has been initiated, our nature pushes us to break with the past, chart our own course, and create new ideas […]


Preparing to Outsource

By: Wallace Czeropski
August 2003 Corporate

The decision to Outsource IT often begins in the area of corporate finance with a yearning to “save money”. It may be perceived that Computer Operations and hardware are costing the company too much in return for what’s received by top management. Add to this concept that the software business applications database and help desk […]


Itron Raises Stakes in Acquisition Spree

July 2003 Corporate, Energy & Utilities

Business research indicates that most acquisitions fail to create value, but a rare few firms are capable of acquiring new businesses and increasing shareholder value. Itron’s most recent acquisition of SEM for $255 M, their largest acquisition to date, meets three critical criteria necessary for success, but fails one. For investors, employees, and customer, the […]


Performance Based Contracting: Performance Pitfalls and Structural Solutions in Outsourcing

By: Justin L. Townsley, Jr.
July 2003 Corporate

In the last article, we described how outsourcing has spawned an industry aimed at making it more complicated, time/resource intensive, and disposed to failure than necessary. We also observed that the practices leading to these difficulties were contrary to principles in contemporary quality management theory. In this article, we’ll review in more detail the issues […]