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From Homes to Appliances and Autos: Hovnanian, Corning, GM, Ford, and Chrysler Each Must Manage Lower Demand

December 2008 Corporate, Pricing

It is no secret that our global economy is in a downward funk.  When will we get our groove back? A debate I will leave to the politicians.  But for now, durable goods companies such as Hovnanian and other housing suppliers, Corning and other home appliance suppliers, or GM, Ford, and Chrysler and other auto […]


Learning from Berkshire Hathaway Part 1

By: Lowell C. Wallace
October 2008 Corporate

Acquiring with a marketer’s eye Another in a series of white papers for M&A Professionals Summary: If you have been following along with this white paper series, you know our admiration for Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. The success of Berkshire Hathaway is unquestionable. So you can understand why we chuckled at the flurry of […]


B-2-B Trademarks and Brands – A Slippery Slope

April 2008 Communication, Corporate

While the marketing gurus will tell you about the importance of trademark and brand building for business-to-business products and services, if you are a small player or entrepreneur don’t fall too deeply in love with your brand. John Quelch, the prolific Harvard marketing professor, provides superb rationale for B-2-B branding.  But if you look closely, […]