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The Value of Frame: Theory

July 2004 Communication

“She who controls the frame, controls the decision.” Frame refers to the perspective used in evaluating different options in a decision making opportunity. As business executives involved in sales and marketing, the issue of the framing affects our performance in how we sell and how we make decisions. The Frame’s Effect The way in which […]


Communicate your Message – Alphameric

By: Quick Take on What Drives Success
July 2004 Communication

With over 25 years of experience, this UK public company achieved roughly $120 million in revenue in 2003. Currently, they are seeking growth by expanding their market geography to include the US. In support of that effort, they are using a variety of means to communicate their message. Alphameric provides hardware and software solutions for […]


WEB SITE DESIGNING: Is Anyone Watching?

By: Henry N. Meier, Jr., Esq.
June 2003 Communication, Corporate

Introduction The Internet has become the medium to get one’s message out to the world. Many companies are successful in utilizing Web sites for business. To make an attractive Web site requires coordinated efforts from the company and a skilled Web site designer, among many others. The well designed Web site can attract an abundance […]


Selling Productivity

February 2003 Communication

In the past decade, we have continually heard selling messages focused on the provision of business value. But what is business value? How do businesses capture value and thereby improve their profitability? Business value is provided through enabling businesses to increase their productivity. Increases in productivity are derived by improving one of the three core […]


Discordant Messages

November 2002 Communication

On Thursday, November 7th, Chicago hosted two events of high interest. At the Sheraton, business leaders met for the first day of the TransAtlantic Business Dialogue. Two blocks east on Michigan Avenue, opposition protesters congregated behind riot police lines. Yours truly witnessed the events, albeit only to attend the eBusiness Roundtable at the University of […]


More on Website Design

May 2002 Communication

While some design firms produce nice looking sites using Flash, these same techniques force limitations that call their value into doubt. Specifically, the limitations affect search engines, multi-windows, and CAP technology. On the search engine front, web crawlers and search engines have difficulty finding text within web sites that rely heavily upon frames, Flash, and […]