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Groupon’s Third Act

December 2015 Communication, Corporate

Both Williams and Mason are frank about past mistakes. They grew too quickly. They didn’t respond appropriately to criticism. Accounting was a mess. The business model required too much labor in place of operational efficiency and scalable systems. But both are optimistic about the core problem that the company is trying to solve: e-commerce for small and local businesses.


Harvard Prof. Sees Ben Franklin’s “Way to Wealth” as Source for America’s Brand of Capitalism

September 2015 Communication, Corporate

According to Reinert, “I’m interested in how ideas reflect but also change economic realities – and how ideas can translate into policies.” He adds that he is intrigued by the lasting power of Franklin’s treatise on industry and frugality and its influence on capitalism, as we know it today.


Keeping Customers Isn’t So Easy

July 2015 Communication, Selling

There are other fields – like airlines and hotels – where providers have invested heavily in customer loyalty programs. Here these programs are effective as long as the provider can fly to the right destination of the hotel company has a property there. When that is not the case, the customer seeks other choices and may be attracted into competitors’ customer loyalty programs.