PPS Summer School for Pricing

By: Editor
May 2017 Events

The Professional Pricing Society is bringing 2 days of Pricing Workshops to Atlanta, Summer School for Pricing! August 1-2 will have 7 workshop options designed to bring you the most up-to-date pricing information & knowledge.

Tim J. Smith, PhD, CEO of Wiglaf Pricing, will run a workshop on August 2 entitled Pricing and Corporate Strategy: The Value-Based Pricing Framework for Getting Pricing Done Right.

Tim J. Smith, PhD will share how leading firms are integrating different pricing and price management techniques throughout the corporation to maximize both growth and profitability.  We will discuss the culture, structure, and process for getting pricing done right.  Pricing and Corporate Strategy will clarify the areas where technology can accelerate progress and where managerial judgement calls are fundamentally required.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join us in Atlanta at the Summer School for Pricing. Completion of the workshop & quiz will allow you to receive a credit towards your Certified Pricing Professional designation (CPP)!

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