Amazon’s Ever-Changing Price Appeal

March 2014 Pricing

With many large online retailers using algorithms to manage pricing, we see items change their prices multiple times over the course of a month, week, or even in one single day! Are these constant price changes good for consumers, or are they ultimately confusing, or harmful? Are they signaling us to buy? Are constant price changes communicating to consumers that these items are less valuable?

About the author

Mary DeBoni is a Senior Pricing Analyst at Wiglaf Pricing. Before coming to Wiglaf Pricing, Mary spent her post-graduate-school years working as a data analyst and as an adjunct instructor of Economics and Statistics at Moraine Valley Community College and Richard J. Daley College. Mary is a member of the Professional Pricing Society. She holds a BA in Economics from Michigan State University and an MA in Economics from The University of Detroit Mercy.

Mary DeBoni
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