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Pricing and Early Stage Marketing

December 2014 Product

After the initial sales growth, the new product suddenly finds itself facing a plateau in sales growth. So the natural question to ask is what are we doing wrong? Did we set a price too high? Should we lower our prices? Fortunately there are strategies for such situations.


Why Steve Jobs’ Computer Paradigm Shift Prediction Panned Out, and What it Means for the Market

March 2014 Product 2 Comments

Traditional hard drive manufacturers are currently going through a paradigm shift—one where new solid-state hard drives, known as SSD, are taking market share and slowly eliminating traditional hard drives. SSD hard drives of one terabyte or more are slowly becoming affordable to the masses. What is the big deal you ask? Read onward.


Product/Service Rationalization in Large Enterprises

December 2013 Product

In “Marketing Malpractice”, Clayton Christensen noted that 90% of consumer products launched annually fail. While several factors can be attributed to the failures, the fundamental reason continues to be the inability to satisfy consumers’ needs profitably. In this article, we provide a comprehensive approach that would enable organizations to sustain profitable products and retire the unprofitable ones.


Is Apple the Louis Vuitton of Technology?

November 2013 Product 1 Comment

Apple recently announced that the new iPad mini will be priced slightly higher than the current iPad mini, while the price of the original iPad will remain the same. Is Apple making itself less competitive in the wake of the release and lowered prices of its competitors’ tablets or is Apple maintaining a luxury brand image by keeping its prices above the market?


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