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Smith Engages IIT Midwest Alumni

100% Satisfaction: Precise, Crisp, To the Point

[Chicago, 12 May 2004]

Tim Smith, PhD engaged the India Institute of Technology (IIT) Midwest Alumni Organization in a discussion on Today’s High Tech Entrepreneur on May 8, 2004 hosted by Ajit Pant, D.Sc. of MetLife Financial Services.

IIT alumni, known for their critical thinking skills, described Dr. Smith’s presentation as precise & crisp in its insights and ability to summarize complex factors in a comprehensible fashion. Gopi Sethumadhavan, chair of the session said “I thoroughly enjoyed your talk, it was engaging and educative.” 100% of the audience members rated the presentation as above expectations, ranking Dr. Smith high in engaging the audience and presenting solid content.

Dr. Smith remarked: “This is our fourth presentation in as many months before local, national, and international audiences. People are beginning to recognize the value of The Wiglaf Journal and its fact driven approach to strategies and tactics for growing businesses in business markets. This is a trend we welcome.”

About IIT Midwest
IIT Midwest is the Midwestern US chapter of the national alumni association of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT). The IITs,as they are known, are among the most highly regarded engineering institutions worldwide. The IITs graduate over 3000 students in engineering and management every year and have over 15,000 alumni in the US. US-based alumni of IIT are influential leaders in business, engineering, and science.

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