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Pricing in Asia vs. USA

Thursday, 12 April 2012
India: 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM IST (Mumbai)
US: 11PM - 12AM CST (Chicago)
LIVE Online Webinar

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An introductory pricing webinar to let Asian mangers contrast their pricing methods with those in the US and become aware of improved pricing practices. This seminar led by two distinguished pricing experts, Tim Smith of Wiglaf Pricing from the US and Gautam Mahajan from India will look at transactional price management, whether pricing is a marketing or financial challenge and suggested methods for pricing, and career paths for pricing professionals. The webinar will also propose various methods including value pricing that attendees can look at in future webinars

Learning Objectives

  • How is transactional price management similar / different in Asia vs. the US?
  • Is Pricing a Finance challenge or a Marketing challenge?
  • What methods do you suggest for setting prices?
  • What career paths are possible for pricing professionals?

Prospect Theory: What is it and why should Pricing and Sales care?

Thursday, 12 April 2012
Europe: 3 PM - 4 PM CET (Prague)
US: 11AM - 12PM CST (Chicago)
LIVE Online Webinar

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Prospect Theory, also known as neuroeconomics is beginning to challenge classic economic theory of demand in describing why people purchase and what price they will accept.Yet, despite its thirty year history, most professionals are unaware of the power of Prospect Theory in predicting human behavior, their perception of value, and their willingness to pay. It is time to rectify this.

In Prospect Theory: What is it and why should pricing and sales care?, Dr. Tim will review neuroeconomics from the seminal work by Kahneman and Tversky on prospect theory, and elucidate its impact on pricing.

Learning Objectives

  • What is prospect theory?
  • How do brains think about prices?
  • Why neuroeconomics should influence a sales and pricing in their positioning strategy?

2012 International BMA Conference: GROW

30 May - 1 June, 2012
Chicago, USA

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With “growth” being the #1 focus today of most C-suites and boards, “Grow” will explore how b-to-b marketing organizations large and small are successfully and efficiently enabling their organizations to generate growth in customer demand, sales and profitability.

Expected to draw as many as 800 marketing and sales leaders from as many 10 countries, the jam-packed two-day conference—running from Wednesday noon, May 30, through Friday noon, June 1—will feature 12 keynote sessions, eight breakout sessions and two evening networking events.

PPS Chicago 2012

Attend the Professional Pricing Society workshop at the Chicago 2012 conference.

Tim J Smith, PhD of Wiglaf Pricing will presentThe Story of Pricing: A Baker’s Dozen of Case Studies in Pricing Decisions and Outcomes.

Eligible for 1 credit towards your Certified Pricing Professional designation.


We have all heard that prices should reflect value, but how do executives put this paradigm into action? How does the value a firm puts on the table for customers to pick-up translate into price captured through transactions? How is value reflected in price setting, price discounting, price communication, and pricing strategy?

In this The Story of Pricing: A Bakers Dozen of Case Studies in Pricing Decisions and Outcomes, we will look at overĀ  thirteen different case studies which collectively tell the story of pricing. The case studies come from industrial and consumer markets, services and goods, durables and consumables. They reflect the breadth of challenges that pricing professionals address and provide insights into the analytical approaches executives can use to address their opportunities.

The format of this workshop will rely upon level setting through fact dissemination followed by instructor facilitated attendee discussions of individual cases and potential alternative decisions. The goal of this workshop is to enable executives to address pricing challenges with a better understanding of the full complexity involved in the decision.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for senior executives from sales, marketing communication, product design, pricing, and finance to better understand pricing decisions and outcomes, anticipate potential decision impediments, and communicate why the decision they are advocating is in the firm’s best interest.

Learning Objectives

  • The gravity of pricing decisions on individual executives, careers, and the firms the serve.
  • Challenges firm’s face in communicating and capturing value.
  • How firms can practice price restraint profitably. How the choice of the price structure is dependent on the structure of the market heterogeneity.
  • How pricing decisions influence outcomes in standards wars.
  • How firms have used an understanding of value from the customer’s perspective to drive pricing decisions

Case List

Price Setting
  1. Cordis Goes to Market
  2. Smithfield Foods Reacts to Input Price Changes

Discount Management
  1. Proctor & Gamble Reduce Couponing
  2. Groupon Effectiveness
  3. Abercrombie & Fitch Introduce Price Promotions

Price Communication
  1. Geico v State Farm in Pricing and Market Share
  2. Templeton Manages Semiconductor Customers
  3. Starbucks Raises Prices

Price Structures
  1. Radiohead & Pay What You Want
  2. Quickbooks offers SaaS
  3. ATT & Verizon Change Price Structures
Pricing Strategy
  1. Blu-ray v HD-DVD: Standards Wars
  2. Southwest Airlines: Customer Focus

PPS Chicago T Smith Workshop

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PPS: The Art! The Science!

PPS 23 Annual Spring Pricing Conference and Workshops
8-11 May 2012
InterContinental Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel
Chicago, USA

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Keynote Sessions

The world’s brightest minds in pricing sharing insights on how to improve your pricing effectiveness. Including keynote on How to Motivate Your Pricing Department to Drive Excellent Results by Laura Preslan from Microsoft.

Two 2-Day Workshops

  • Consumer Products : How You Can Make Pricing a Key Competitive Advantage, Frank Luby of Simon Kuchner & Partners
  • Core Pricing Skills, Dr. Kent B. Monroe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Eight 1-Day Workshops

  1. Foundations of Value Pricing and Value Selling, Rich Eagles & Oliver Griebl of Deloitte Consulting
  2. Sales & Profit Growth through a Pricing Improvement Initiative, Bob Sherlock of Marketwerks
  3. The Story of Pricing: A Baker’s Dozen of Case Studies in Pricing, Tim J Smith, PhD of Wiglaf Pricing
  4. Extracting Full Value from New Product Launches: New Framework for New Product Pricing, Madhavan Ramanujam of Simon Kuchner & Partners
  5. The First and Second Law of Pricing, Ronald Baker of VeraSage Institute and Ed Kless of Sage Business Solutions
  6. How to Successfully Implement Value Based Pricing in Your Organization, Harry Macdivitt and Mike Wilkinson of Axia Value Solutions
  7. Building a High Impact Pricing Strategy, Paul Hunt of Pricing Solutions
  8. A Holistic Approach to Effective Price Management, Shruti Kahlon and Julian Ryu of Deloitte Consulting

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