The Cost of Free

April 2018 Pricing, Selling

On the other hand, getting people to open up their wallets and pay for a service, especially if they’ve become accustomed to using it for free, is hard. That’s true for pay-only services and it’s also true of the attempt to split the difference between free and paid: freemium.


Top 6

“Lampert, also chief executive officer of Sears Holdings Corp., wants to sell what is perhaps Sears’s last jewel to his own hedge fund — at least if other bidders don’t emerge,” Bloomberg Markets

  1. Seems like merging with Kmart wasn’t enough…
  2. …and the CEO must rely on his own financial devices to save another one of his ventures.
  3. Will ESL Investments Inc. buying Kenmore help?
  4. If not, what could be this retail relic’s saving grace?
  5. What are they doing with e-commerce?
  6. Is it beyond any online shopping hope?

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