Building High Quality Pricing Systems

October 2017 Pricing

These systems typically flow into order management systems and are sometimes built on top of them, or contained within them but often they are stand-alone and talk to the order management system through some standard interface (API). The industry term is CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote), also called pricing or quoting engines.


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“Earlier this month, Netflix announced plans to raise prices on its standard and premium streaming subscription services. The change, set to go into effect later this year, will push the monthly cost of its most popular plan from $9.99 to $10.99,” CNN Tech

  1. The streaming giant slated to spend $8 Billion on shows and movies in 2018 comes with a price to consumers.
  2. Will their subscribers eat the extra dollar in favor of the new programs?
  3. Is their upswing in original content a sign of the shifting TV times?
  4. After all it’s still cheaper than cable.
  5. However will prices only rise as content surges?
  6. Most importantly, what will this do to dating?
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