Collaborative and Dynamic Pricing for Product Manufacturers

March 2017 Corporate, Pricing

Treating pricing as a verb, not a noun, applies pressure to the management of pricing decision making.  But who makes pricing decisions?  When and how should the latitude for pricing decisions be constrained for individual agents? While a general answer for all companies would be rather lengthy, a specific answer for product manufacturers selling through […]


Pricing in the Life Sciences

March 2017 Pricing, Selling

What is the value a consumer may place on a new drug that softens or even eliminates an otherwise terminal condition? Nearly limitless. That isn’t to say that prices therefore can or should be limitless, but it does underline the fact that price is determined by the value to the consumer, not the cost to the producer.


Top 6

“I feel like every other month a new study comes out that makes the case for gender diversity in corporate leadership…but clearly the business case is not providing the motivation. To see important players like State Street say we’re going to be looking at this, and we’re going to be holding you accountable — I think that’s a significant development.” Brande Stellings, vice president of corporate board services for Catalyst, a non-profit research firm, Washington Post


  1. It’s all being symbolized by a temporary yet riveting statue on Wall Street
  2. Now companies like State Street Global Advisors are putting their money where their diversity-demanding mouths are
  3. They’re pushing for more women leadership in the form of shares
  4. Encompassing 2.5 trillion in investments spanning 3,500 public companies
  5. Vowing to make their votes contingent on progress toward diversity
  6. So women around the country and globe can point to something like this when they march
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