Harvard Prof. Sees Ben Franklin’s “Way to Wealth” as Source for America’s Brand of Capitalism

September 2015 Communication, Corporate

According to Reinert, “I’m interested in how ideas reflect but also change economic realities – and how ideas can translate into policies.” He adds that he is intrigued by the lasting power of Franklin’s treatise on industry and frugality and its influence on capitalism, as we know it today.


Big Show Idea Vlog

September 2015 Vlog

Join Tim J. Smith PhD in a new video blogging series covering all things pricing. From Hertz, big oil, airline price gouges and Zulily to homemade soda and Gucci, step into a vlogosphere dissecting what’s affecting prices, the economy and you.


“The economy is increasingly centered on information, technology and entertainment in one form or another.” – Andrew Ross Sorkin, Writer for Vanity Fair

  1. We live in a society evolving alongside technological innovation.
  2. For every cause there is an effect, both in nature and in the economy.
  3. What we talk about we sometimes buy.
  4. If it weren’t for word of mouth, there’d be no word of profits.
  5. Put your money where your technology is.
  6. If it’s not viral, it’s not profitable.
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