Mr. Leahy (Airbus CEO) said he was “shocked” by the magnitude of Boeing’s discounts but said they won’t stick. “They’ll try it for a while and decide they could make more money at 40% with higher pricing than at 50% with low pricing.”

  1. Stop wasting sales reps time on admin.
  2. Don’t swallow the hype. A show about nothing may be a poor investment strategy. A firm in transition might be a winning investment strategy.
  3. Manage sales meetings to strategic intent.
  4. Detail and execution reigns when markets are obviously beautiful. Witness the 4G LTE evolution
  5. Define your sales strategy tightly. No “general” hopes will suffice. Who. What. When. How. And WHY.
  6. When things look bad, redefine the problem. Witness Monsanto’s glyphosate.