It’s My Own Damn Fault

By: George F. Brown, Jr. and David G. Hartman
March 2012 Marketing

The question some suppliers constantly ask is “How did we get into a situation where the only thing that seems to matter to our customers is price?”  It’s an important question, and one where the unfortunate answer often is, in the words of Jimmy Buffett, “It’s my own damn fault”.


Giving up is living suicide. I choose life.

  1. The responsibility for ensuring your customers care about your differential value is yours.
  2. The big picture in marketing today is that we have highly sophisticated customers who have vast quantities of information at their fingertips. You don’t fool smart customers by spinning falsehoods.
  3. We are all servants here. If you want to lead, serve.
  4. Customers are willing to embrace a provider and become a customer for life if they are treated in a fair and reasonable manner.
  5. Pricing must be an element of longer-term strategy, centered on the challenge of identifying how to create value for your customers as the route to capturing it for your shareholders
  6. If the customer doesn’t see and acknowledge the value, the value doesn’t exist.