Price War Breaks Out in Online Books: How to End It

November 2009 Pricing

In late October, Wal-Mart kicked off the most devastating book price war in a decade by selling its 10 most anticipated hardbacks for $10 a piece when pre-ordered online. Hours later, Amazon picked up the gauntlet and declared a defensive stance with matching prices. Wal-Mart lunged back on the offensive with a price cut to $9. Within a day, Amazon responded with a Prise de Fer by also moving to $9. The war is on. Read how it must end.


If the company didn’t have any problems, you wouldn’t have a job.

  1. Winning a war doesn’t require one to annihilate the enemy; it only requires one to establish a future state of peace in which to flourish.
  2. Personal branding on LinkedIn centers on being ethical, authentic, relevant, and in the moment.
  3. . An executive’s job is to make the tough decisions. They get the rewards when things go well. They take the heat when thing go wrong. If the logic was sound before the decision was made, then the best decision was made at that time and forgiveness should prevail. If the logic wasn’t thought-out, then that executive has failed. Everyone makes mistakes, but the failure to think is a mistake no organization can afford.
  4. Each of us is our own Chief Branding Officer (CBO).
  5. The fight or flight reaction is natural anytime a nasty aggressor enters. Weigh your options carefully.
  6. To make a good pot roast, make sure you add turnips along with the other root vegetables and a lot of garlic. Pot roast needs dimensions. So does your online brand.